casting, casting wax, wax casting
casting, casting wax, wax casting
GIFA Fair Düsseldorf
GIFA Fair Düsseldorf 

about MORSA Casting Waxes & Wax Reclamation :



The investment casting process is an art that goes back thousands of years. This technique enables even very complex and thin shapes to be manufactured from metal in a quick and efficient manner.

As that the ultimate quality of castings in this process depends primarily on the quality of wax patterns, we know that each casting can only be as good as the wax model previously prepared.

This is the reason why we have highest quality controls in our production and submit a detailed Certificate of Analyis for every batch of our casting waxes for the foundry.


Foundry industry sectors served include automotive, aerospace, sports, industrial turbines, medicals, communications and electronics, jewelry etc.

It is our experience in wax processing for more than 100 years combined with our wax industry specific knowledge that gives us the expert know-how and creates unique selling points when it comes to the development of casting waxes


Our expertise and experience are augmented with our own in house product development and R&D departments, where we offer state-of-the-art service, technical solutions and individual support for our world-wide customers.



This know‐how is also the reason why MORSA is successful as a supplier to the investment casting industry as a pioneer of recycling wax.


MORSA Wachswarenfabrik GmbH is qualified to provide quality recycled PIC wax to agreed customers specifications or to virgin like properties with both economic and environmental benefits.


The knowledge and experience in this field aquired since 1997, has led to ascertain that the use of reconstituted PIC waxes allow the foundries to profit from enormous cost benefits and also wax disposal costs are avoided







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