casting, casting wax, wax casting
casting, casting wax, wax casting
GIFA Fair Düsseldorf
GIFA Fair Düsseldorf 

Casting Wax Quality Assurance


It is very important for the production of high quality castings that wax properties are correctly controlled in our laboratories.




The very strict quality control procedures employed by MORSA ensure consistency and compliance with important specifications

like for example:


1. melting (drop) point / drop point

2. congealing point

3. ash content

4. penetration

5. viscosity etc


Therefore our lab features amongst others the following instruments:


  • Ring and Ball apparatus
  • High temperature furnace for ash content
  • Penetration apparatus
  • microscope
  • Rotary Viscosity apparatus
  • Density measurement tools
  • Melt flow measurement apparatus
  • DSC Analysis - Differential Scanning Calorimeters for research, quality management, quality assurance






MORSA certifications:


Certification to ISO 9001:2008, certification and monitoring waste management facility were all completed successfully and must be renewed annually. These processes ensure quality and consistency of our products.

Our main production facility, company headquarters and distribution center is situated in Krumbach (Germany).



Incoming used wax & raw material input control:


The icoming wax from a foundry is specially marked and kept strictly separate so each customer receives back their own material


in order to ensure exclusion of unwanted elements. Each customer receives a certificate of analysis for every batch.


Virtually no disadvantage to chemistry can be found in reconstituted wax compared to virgin wax.


Thereare no significant increases in key elements as well as no significant increases in ash content.




MORSA Laboratory services:



• Wax testing


• Quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2008


• Research and Development


• Testing of raw input materials


• Technical reports


• Evaluation of incoming used wax


• Tailor / customer specific developments


• Quality control of batches





We are members of the following organisation:-


EICF (European Investment Casting Federation)   /  BDG   /   DDI 











MORSA Wachswarenfabrik GmbH

Nordstr. 3
86381 Krumbach (Schwaben)


Tel.:   08282 800440 - 0

Fax :  08282 80044 - 33



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