casting, casting wax, wax casting
casting, casting wax, wax casting
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information about our casting wax solutions and  Wax reclamation






General Information about MORSA Wax Reclamation :


Reclamation of wax


is a process where MORSA elaboratively dewaters, cleans and homogenizes a foundry‘s used wax for the purpose of re-use.


Because of our innovative reclamation process, no virgin additives are needed as an additive to maintain agreed usable specifications as a gate or runner wax



Reconstitution of wax


is a advanced recycling techniques where MORSA elaboratively dewaters, cleans and homogenizes a

foundry‘s used wax for the purpose of re-use.


In this process virgin additives and eventually fillers are blended with the wax to return it to the original specifications for the use as a pattern or sprue material



The final properties are very much in line with those of the virgin material.


With reconstituted wax big cost savings are achievable, with no loss of performance or quality.



Wax reclamation – Processing route



Customers‘ used autoclave wax is sent to MORSA for reprocessing where it is kept

strictly separate from other returned wax and then reconstituted and cleaned to

the agreed specifications.


Recycled wax is then returned to the customer as:


(Non or low/high –filled) Reconstituted pattern wax for pattern production or


Reclaim wax for runner systems


The use of reconstituted pattern wax allows the production of a complete range of patterns with significant cost benefits and no reduction in quality.

In-house innovations of our recycling process led that our recycling is very


For example: only very little thermic stress of the wax is caused due to heating constantly below 90°C. This also means our process

is very environmental friendly. Also in many cases there are no additives needed.

The actual volumes of recycling wax are mainly dependent of the quantity of contaminants and water present in the autoclave wax.

However it is possible that often even more than 80% of the used wax can be reconstitute.











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