casting, casting wax, wax casting
casting, casting wax, wax casting
GIFA Fair Düsseldorf
GIFA Fair Düsseldorf 

MORSA Wax room products (casting waxes)












Recycled Waxes :


Reclaimed           runner wax

Reconstituted    pattern wax






Pattern waxes, filled


Pattern waxes, non-filled


Runner Waxes


Jewellery wax




 -> tailor made  wax qualities

->  tailor made wax qualities







 MOR-CAST   150 - 190 series


 MOR-CAST   200 - 250 series


MOR-CAST   300 - 350 series




Key industry sectors served include :


Automotive, Aerospace, Sports, Industrial Turbines, Medical, Defence, Communications, Microwave, Electronic industries, Marine,

Jewellery… etc




Reclaimed investment casting waxes:


All of our reclaim waxes are reconstituted

to similar virgin standard.



Reclaimed runner wax :


In this process MORSA elaboratively dewaters, cleans and homogenizes a foundry‘s used wax to reclaimed runner wax for the purpose of re-use.

Because of our innovative reclamation process, no virgin additives are needed as an additive to maintain agreed usable specifications as a sprue, riser or runner wax


Reconstituted pattern wax ( unfilled or filled with XLPS / Terephtalic Acid)



In an advanced recycling techniques MORSA elaboratively dewaters, cleans and homogenizes a foundry‘s used wax to reconstituted pattern wax for the purpose of re-use.


In this process virgin additives and eventually fillers are blended with the wax to return it to the original specifications for the use as a pattern or sprue material

 The final properties are very much in line with those of the virgin material.


With reconstituted wax big cost savings are achievable, with no loss of performance or quality




General properties of unfilled / filled pattern waxes :



· Filled wax is the most  used type of wax for the manufacture of high quality complex and thin walled patterns

· It exhibits an superb range of properties that can be tailored to suit most individual customers requirements




· Filled wax imparts an good surface finish

· Wide contraction range

· very good  dimensional accuracy

· The filler imparts greater stability and reduced  cavitation as well as contraction

·  very low ash content

·  can be reclaimed and reconstituted

 · very good injection characteristics


Special wax products


  •  Machining Wax for rapid prototyping and the production of proofing patterns


  • Jewellery Wax 



Form of delivery: 


• either pellets / slabs / cartouches


• In 25 kilo bags

• In 500 kilo ‘Big Bags’





• EU-Pallets, PE foil








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